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About Us

Forex Fintech Reliable Services

Our clients receive efficient software solutions that meet your business goals and are in line with your long term organizational vision.

We are listening to customer's business needs and offering the smartest technical solutions that return the most value.

Our experiences include

  • Software consulting services for businesses and startups;
  • Corporate information systems and mobile applications;
  • European wide mission critical information systems;
  • Core back-end solutions for finance, telecom and logistics;
  • Blockchain systems development;
  • Online virtual gaming platforms;
  • Retail information systems and self-service portals;

Our company has a long experience in Financial Technology (Fintech) Services, with the aim to provide Managed Services, for retailers.

Our software are developed with client satisfactionin mind, and we continue to advance our services and solutions for today's global retailing requirements.

We have been providing over the edge technology to the Financial Industry with award winning IT services and solutions.

We are based n New Zealand and we are providing global support, we work with some of the leading names in the Financial Industry.

Our approach is one of openness, honesty, and demonstrating passion in everything we do.


Our company offers a wide range of specialized services to individuals, corporations and investment institutions worldwide. Our services are divided into three main business areas, namely: Financial Advisory Services, IT Business Service Solutions and IT & finance career trainings. These specialized services aim to meet the personal and business objectives of clients internationally.

Financial Advisory Services

The company does not provide personalized financial advice directly. However, we have close partnership with some IT and qualified finance professionals, who can give you or your company professional advisory services.

IT Business Service Solution

Help financial-related companies seek financial investment opportunities, financial technology solution and financial assistance. We can offer expert knowledge in each of our industry areas and help you to discover the best possible business solutions to meet your specific needs.

IT & Finance career trainings

We will regularly invite some senior financial and financial IT professionals to organize regular forums, short-term training courses for financial professionals or financial enthusiasts.

Provide financial investment education for investors and financial and IT students. To meet the personal and business’s needs, tailored to some training programs. Recommend the talented students to get work opportunities in the financial business.

Partners program

The company offers all levels of professionals the opportunity to join our highly rewarding Partnership Program. This program is targeted at business & corporate professionals, commission agents and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Our partnership program is extremely profitable and flexible revenue making opportunities for all eligible business professionals.

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