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IT Due Diligence

Technical audits for business transparency

IT Due Diligence

Acquiring or investing in a business? Want to identify if the IT infrastructure is supporting the business growth plans?

We provide independent, and expert technology Due Diligence advice to assist in company transactions to support private equity and investment houses. We provide the IT expertise that financial and commercial Due Diligence can not match.

With our previous experience of IT Due Diligence and private equity, we know what creates value.

Our people are all experts in the technology field, with a key understanding of the hardware and software required for efficient business practice. Our team are there to provide the necessary checks to identify any risks posed, or security threats, or the relevant budget required to facilitate the future business strategy, including use of our managed services of software solutions.

Why do we provide IT Due Diligence?

  • To provide an understanding of current systems to indicate whether they are fit for purpose.
  • To assess and quantify any future investment required should the IT systems or infrastructure not be fit for purpose, and to provide the implications of cost mitigation.
  • To highlight and analyse any risks or security threats identified.

How do we provide IT Due Diligence?

Our IT Due Diligence process examines business and IT areas such as:

  • Business strategy – to gain a better understanding of the direction of the business, and the strategic initiatives the technology will need to support.
  • Business operations – to understand how the major business operations in place are supported by IT and assessing whether this provides the functionality required by users.
  • IT systems review – understanding the systems in place for the major business functional areas.
  • The IT team – understand the current and future capability and capacity based on the existing structure and leadership.
  • IT infrastructure – assessing systems used to provide the core IT infrastructure.
  • IT support – current efficiency of support provided, contracts in place, and cost of the support.

We meet with your team to carry out a face-to-face interview, direct observations, data reviews and market analysis over an agreed period.

We provide

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring Services: monitoring of networks, servers, applications and backups, including proactive checks and flexible out of hours support. Schedule monitoring helps avoid delays to key processes and improves service availability. We also engage in remote monitoring of systems on-site, or at third party/partner sites i.e. data centres.
  • Out of hours contact point for call logging and escalation: a single point of contact for incident logging, including escalation to internal, external support teams and third parties.
  • Daily Service Reports and Monthly Performance Reporting: ISO20000 accredited reporting of backup information, system availability, step processes, and incident reports.

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