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Operations Support

Around-the-clock proactive monitoring

Operations Support

Our 24 x 7 x 365 Operations Support team, based in our Northampton Data Centre, offers a range of around-the-clock services guaranteed to ensure maximum uptime of your IT operations.

With our proactive approach to monitoring, the team makes sure systems and processes are working efficiently, identifying issues before they can impact trading ability.

To help streamline your business further we also offer a number of software solutions including supply chain optimisation and data exchange services.

Benefits of Operations Support

The benefits of our Operations Support include:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 service provision ensures trading is always monitored, especially during Bank Holidays and peak periods
  • Monitoring on-site and remote environments; we're flexible to suit your requirements
  • Proactive approach and continuous improvement to ISO 20000; working to improve our current processes and procedures, and identifying problems to prevent them from reoccurring
  • Comprehensive reporting to our customers for a clear and transparent view of systems uptime and incidents resolve

We provide

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring Services: monitoring of networks, servers, applications and backups, including proactive checks and flexible out of hours support. Schedule monitoring helps avoid delays to key processes and improves service availability. We also engage in remote monitoring of systems on-site, or at third party/partner sites i.e. data centres.
  • Out of hours contact point for call logging and escalation: a single point of contact for incident logging, including escalation to internal, external support teams and third parties.
  • Daily Service Reports and Monthly Performance Reporting: ISO20000 accredited reporting of backup information, system availability, step processes, and incident reports.

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