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Stock Management

Powerful in-store inventory management at your fingertips

Stock Management

Omnichannel retailing requires highly accurate and up to date stock positions. When keeping track of store inventory, it is important to get the numbers right. With the advent of low-cost tablet-based computing, retailers can now bring technology onto the sales floor at an acceptable cost. Employing mobile technology enables retailers to tap into smarter ways of keeping check on stock. Unlike the previous generation of Hand Held Terminals, today's Tablets are multifunctional devices, enabling your store teams to manage inventory, to browse the catalogue and process their emails and store instructions.

Our stock management software solution provides offline in-store inventory functionality, that will later synchronise over a Wi-Fi network. This enables you to carry out store inventory processes in front of the goods, whether on the shop floor or in the stock room, eliminating costly, manual processes.

This will enable you to:

  • Process Inter branch transfers, create, send and receive
  • Receive stock from the warehouse
  • Progress write on / off transactions
  • Undertake a stock-take

We also have a range of managed IT services for you to take advantage of to help ensure that the software you are running is working smoothly.

Benefits of Stock Management Sofware

  • The ability to have a tablet-based solution reduces the requirement for costly hardware in store, which is often limited to a fixed position, or is expensive to replace.
  • It provides multiple users with global availability of handheld solutions.
  • Store staff are accustomed to using tablets: the hardware is easy to integrate into the store environment. This reduces the cost of ownership even further as large formal training programmes are not required.
  • Fully managed services to support the implementation of the solution are available to ensure maximum availability, allowing optimum stock management across the business.

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